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Craps System 2: Reverse The Tough One

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Loving the Cold Tables

If you want to play it even tougher than the tough one, simply reverse it. Day in and day out you can't beat this craps system for grinding out steady profits at the craps tables in between hot shooters. The only problem is, when a hot shooter comes along they can wipe you out. You can protect yourself from that by zigzagging a little, which is my favorite way to play this game. However be aware that no system works 100% of the time and when you get caught zigging when you should zag it can be a bit frustrating.

But that doesn't stop me because I remember those times when everything went right and I looked like a genius. One particular time I was at a company conference in Puerto Rico and had to loan my boss some money at the dice table so we could play together. He decided to let me call the shots and followed my actions. Good thing. We closed the casino down at 4:00 a.m. and cashed in a mountain of chips at the cage.

Playing the reverse tough one simply means betting on the don'ts instead of the do's as in craps system #1. You start by betting the Don't Pass bar on the come-out roll. When a number is established you make the double or triple odds bet behind the line and then bet an equal amount on the Don't Come bar. Same as the previous system; we are looking to establish two Don't Come numbers besides the Don't Pass bet.

Please note that the odds bets on the don'ts require that you lay odds instead of take them. So you have to lay 3-2 against the 5 or 9 being made instead of collecting 3-2 like you do when betting the do's. It is still recommended to lay the full odds on these bets up to about triple odds (if allowed).

Now, on the occasions that you actually get bets up against three numbers it's a beautiful thing when the shooter sevens out and you collect on all the bets at once. You only need to have this happen once or twice to get hooked on it. Quite a bit different than having to win each bet one at a time like when you bet the do's.

In between these occasions the shooter will seven-out after you have bets against just one or two numbers. In these cases you lose the Don't Come bet but still make a profit on the roll because of the odds bet behind the pass line. (Don't pay any attention to the craps and elevens that roll, just keep replacing the bets as needed.)

Most of the time the dice tables are cold. Therefore this system is your best bet when you walk up to a craps table. It makes a good hit and run type of thing because of getting paid those big chunks when a shooter sevens out and you have multiple bets up. However when a shooter does get hot they will pick your bets off one at a time and that may be time to start switching things up.


Here is a good zigzagging method:

1. Bet the Don't Pass line. When a number is established that is not a 6 or an 8 lay the full odds behind it. If a 6 or 8 rolls switch your bet to the pass line and take the full odds. (Yes this is allowed - you can switch from the don'ts to the do's, but not vice-versa. You can also take down don't bets at any time you like.)

2. If you have a Don't Pass bet in place try and establish two Don't Come numbers as outlined above. If you have a pass line wager out then try to establish two come bets as described in craps system #1.

Start each come-out roll with a don't bet however and only switch to the do's on a 6 or an 8 for a shooter that looks like they may get hot. That is how we killed them in San Juan. It has also worked for me in Vegas on numerous occasions. Sometimes you can just feel when some dumb shooter is going to get hot and this method allows you to get with that before returning to grinding the don'ts.



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